"Her story might have daunted me but her strength and courage overwhelmed and even empowered me."

Sana Masood created this digital story at a Feminist Tech Exchange workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan. Digital stories are created by putting control over all aspects of the storytelling into the hands of the storyteller. From the content to the technology, digital storytelling is a documentation methodology that focuses on the storytellers’ control over the medium, choice of words, pictures and music, so that the process is as powerful for the storyteller as the end product is for the listener. Through these stories of their own experiences, the storytellers deepen the listener’s understanding of the world and themselves, challenge assumptions, empower and inspire, and effect social change. Sana's story tells not only of the phenomenal courage she experienced while working with a young mother who survived an acid attack by her husband, and who later fought him in court, but how that powerful encounter rippled change in her self.


The act of storytelling is transformative – to both the storyteller and the listener. This year, we are featuring 16 stories throughout the 16 days of Take Back the Tech! campaign.

Today we mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women by a story of everyday sheroes around us who refuse to accept violence against women as a reality.

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