Today we mark International Day on Women Human Rights Defenders in our support and celebration of women and girls who defend and promote human rights in different parts of the world. Although women are often at the frontline of struggles for civil liberties, we are often forgotten when the war is won. Women who work on sexual rights issues, such as those who fight for the right to abortion, sex workers' rights or equal rights in the family in a context where patriarchal frameworks of marriage prevail, face severe repression on the grounds of social, cultural or religious norms.

The development of internet and mobile technologies have greatly impacted the work of women human rights defenders – the way we analyse, organise and mobilise for change. It has also given us the power to shape history, and to ensure that our voices, experiences and engagement do not disappear.

In strengthening this effort, Take Back the Tech! supports the “Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution” project, and invites you to watch the incredible stories and documentation of experiences by the many different women who took to the streets and demanded for change throughout this important period in living history.

Be inspired & document your own living herstories