Are you tired of hearing that women should just get off the internet if we don't like abuse? That digital spaces are for men? That the tech industry is dominated by men because women don't have the capacity to develop ICT or simply aren't interested? 
Then you need these snazzy playing cards of women in tech! Whip them out anytime you need to remind people that women helped create the internet and this virtual space has always been ours. Post them, trade them or swap out your old, boring deck of cards and play games!
We've created a few to get the deck started, but we want you to honour women in your communities by making the rest. Here's how to contribute:
  • Pick a pioneering woman in tech, but think broadly. She could be an amazing developer who created something we all use, but also think about women who have advocated for equal access to the internet, been instrumental in internet governance, served as influential STEM teachers, developed vital theory or sociological views around technology or kept blogging about LGBTQ rights in a restrictive environment despite personal threats. 
  • Find a picture of the woman you've chosen. Make sure it has a Creative Commons license or you have permission from the photographer. Or draw your own!
  • Go here to upload your image into our template.
  • Browse the gallery of cards, print them out and tell us how you used them. 
Browse the card gallery. Recognise women's contributions to technology. Stack the deck and take back the tech!