Feminist Principles of the Internet

February 23, 2017, marks the first Distributed Denial of Women. Women and non-binary persons in tech are going on strike to protest discrimination and harassment in the IT sector. If you don't work in tech, you can show solidarity by staying offline that day. Don't tweet, post, email, shop or chat. Take a break and let these companies see what it looks like when  we refuse to participate in their toxic culture.

In anticipation of the strike, we want to help you build knowledge about this issue, especially in terms of how it affects women and non-binary folks in the global South. Before or after the strike, check out a brand new edition of GenderIT devoted to women and tech labour as well as the reading list below.

When you come back online, take a look at our playing cards of pioneering women in tech and tweet your thanks to those who are still with us. These women have made great achievements and changed our communities for the better despite having the deck, as it were, stacked against them. If a techie woman has inspired you, create a card to document her contributions to ICT.

Learn, strike, take back the tech! #DDoWomen

GenderIT edition

Feminist autonomous infrastructure in the internet battlefield: from zombies to ninjas, Ganesh

Being Dalit, doing corporate (women in tech), Christina Thomas Dhanaraj

Educating, hiring and retaining women in technology: a gendered enquiry, Radhika Radhakrishnan

10 facts about your computer: health, hardware and the toll on women, Sonjya Randhawa

Reading list

Alto a los estereotipos, Lizbeth Rivas

Joining the dots: Labour, sustainability, resilience in gender and climate change, Sonia Randhawa