Safety Reboot! A feminist response to digital safety.

We want to challenge online gender-based violence and to engage technology with pleasure, creativity and curiosity. To do this, we all need to build our capacity in digital safety. Join us in two fun learning activities drawn from the beta-version of FTX: Safety Reboot.

Feminist Tech eXchanges

FTX is WRP’s unique approach to building capacity, which creates safe spaces of exchange and experience where the politics and practice of technology are informed by local, concrete and contextual realities of women.

Strengthen solidarity

25 November - 10 December, 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence


The issue of technology-related violence against women and girls has reached the mainstream. Finally, media outlets are writing about it, state actors are debating it and internet platforms are exploring ways to address it. But the most important conversation is happening between women who engage with the internet and those who have faced such violence. The most valuable insights and ideas come from you.


Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees our right to privacy. The state has a duty to protect and recognise our right to privacy, and this extends to all aspects of our lives, including the digital realm. But governments increasingly insist that we must trade privacy for safety. They say that in order to keep us safe, they must monitor what we do, who we connect with, what we say and so on.

Day 13 | Be safe | Social networking & privacy

Social networking has become a defining feature of the internet for many of us today. But what happens when trust is compromised, privacy violated and abuse happens? Take back the tech! Exercise your right to privacy, take it offline & play! 

Social networking has become a defining feature of the internet for many of us today. We find information and catch up on the latest news through what our contacts post on Twitter or Facebook. We build our trust based what other people say through their comments, links, reviews and opinions, rather than what is officially produced by institutions such as the media, private corporations or the government.

Day 10 | Abuse isn't love | Know the signs

Sometimes it's hard to draw the line between trust, love and abuse. Know the signs. Promote respect. It's your right to live your life fully and freely. Reject controlling behaviour that can lead to an abusive relationship. Take back the tech!

Domestic violence and intimate partner abuse happens in all kinds of relationships, whether heterosexual or same sex couples. It occurs in all age ranges, from young to old, regardless of ethnicity, religion or economic status. The only common factor is that women and girls are predominantly the people who face abuse by their partners, with between 10 and 60 percent of women  having faced intimate partner violence in their lifetime according to UN WomenWatch.