We're too often assaulted by images, words and representation of violence and sexism. From entertainment to news, there's an abundance of sentences and pictures that reinforce and perpetuate the story of an unequal world.

Disrupt this normality. As a Sunday action, choose to look for transformative sentences, images and sounds that inspire and tell of sexual rights, gender justice, empowerment and equality. Saturate our spaces with music and words that challenges violence against women!

1. Share words

  • Populate your space with your favourite poem, lyrics or quotes from inspiring thinkers and actors.
  • Write them on a post-it and stick it up on a bus stop, your fridge, a shared mirror etc.
  • Post them on your online spaces - Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Orkut, IM status, email signatures etc.
  • Send some friends an SMS :)

2. Exchange music

  • Share your playlist on songs that speaks up against sexism, inequality and violence against women
  • Call in to your favourite radio programme and request for those songs instead of the usual offering of pop music
  • If your mobile phone can play MP3 files, change your ringing tone for the campaign duration to one of these songs. Use an audio editing software like Audacity to convert the best parts of the song into a ringing tone.
  • Or you can download and use the Take Back The Tech! music clip created by members of Generation Next - Young Women's project (femLINKPACIFIC/femTALK 89.2FM) for last year's campaign. Right click on this link and select "save as" to download the tune. 

3. Mash it up and make your own

  • If you're feeling playful, make up your own poetry, music or stories!
  • Sew sentences and words from different sources together, and create something new.
  • Write up a conversation made from different poems and lyrics and quotes from contrasting positions.
  • Or if you're comfortable with video and audio editing software, mash up music and images, and create your own songs or music video.
  • For inspiration, check out the mashup music video created by Valentina Messeri for Riereta and Encosianima's Take Back The Tech! campaign in 2008. This video was created from campaign clips on violence against women on YouTube, using Cinelerra - an open source video editor. The music was created by Anularz (Nuria and Manu).

Share them with campaigners. Post lyrics, words, poetry and conversations as a comment as a comment on this page. Click on the title of today's action and scroll down. Or share videos and music you've created by registering for an acocunt on this site. Login, click "Create content", then "Audio".

Play with words, sing along & take back the tech!