In Swahili we say “Karibuni” to welcome people! So karibuni to my playlist!!! My name is DJ Viv from Kenya. I enjoy the stillness of nature, the love and solidarity of the feminist community that I’ve found across regions , Dido’s music…(Highly recommend) and can occasionally be found providing legal opinions on things. I have created this playlist for you all, with all my love and picked resources from different parts of Africa that I identify with in a way, that I have learnt from and that have fueled my feminist spirit to keep organizing. I hope we can talk about them, and I hope they inspire something in you too. Feel free in this space and WELCOME!!

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Track 1- Stories from Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda on NCII.

How do we Effectively Cover Image-Based Abuse as Gender Based Violence? Part 1
Africa, English, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda

Track 2- Reflections of African feminists on Respectability

Yes, Rudeness is Part of the Feminist Package
Africa, English, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda

Track 3- Article painting a quick picture of our relationships with the Internet and Digital Safety in Africa

Women Navigating Digital Spaces and the Push for Accountabilty in the Face of V…
Africa, English

Track 4- Feminist reflections from Kenya on online hypervisibility.

Baptism By Fire: My Experience as a Feminist on the Internet
Africa, English, Kenya

Track 5- Reflections from Sudan on the erasure of women's voices in revolutionary organizing

Going "too far" "too personal"? Insights on Sudanese Women's Organizing and the…

Track 6- Research from Kenya on OGBV perpetrated against LGBTIQA+ folk in Kenya

Lets Talk About Online Gender Based Violence-The Findings Report
English, Kenya

Track 8- Lets us into the co-ordinated feminist organizing for the #EndSars Movement in Nigeria

In Nigeria, When Will Justice Catch Up with the Present?
English, Nigeria

Track 9- Feminist Principles of the Internet-but in Swahili!

Swahili Feminist Principles of the Internet
Kenya, Swahili

Track 10- Experiences from Uganda about NCII

Countering Non-Consensual Sharing of Intimate Images
English, Uganda

Track 11- Research from Nigeria about Hashtag Feminism

Exploring Hashtag Feminism in Nigeria: A Case of #EndSars Campaign
English, Nigeria

Track 12- An article about feminist movement building from West Africa.

What To do with your Feminism: A Love Letter to Afrifems for A New Decade in th…
Africa, English, Movement Building, Self-Care

Track 13- Radio interview exploring Internet usage, access, and safety in Uganda.

Online Freedom and Safety in Uganda
English, Uganda

Track 15- Zine from South Africa exploring pleasure and OGBV

Hedone Zine
English, South Africa

Track 16- An article about how we can collectively make care practices more wholesome and accessible.

On Africa’s feminist frontlines, we need accessible care practices to sustain o…
Africa, English

Track 17- Global website with resources relating to digital safety and movement building

Social Movement Technologies

Track 18- Digital dating perspectives from LGBTIQA+ folk in Kenya

Dating in the Digital Age
English, Kenya

Track 19- Research exploring a feminist approach to self-defense

Hacking Systems of Oppression and Protecting our Vital Strenghts: A Feminist Fr…

Track 20- A global webinar about self-care practise.

Self Care and Collective Well-being
Africa, English, Mexico

Track 21- Feminist article about solidarity

Feminist Solidarity Saved My Life

Track 22- You Tube series on experiences of survivors of OGBV

Understanding Online Gender Based Violence and the Impact it has on Pleasure
English, South Africa

Track 23- Article painting the picture of OGBV manifestation in the Gambia

Online Gender Based Violence: The Need for Collective Action In the Gambia for …