Aloha I am an intersectional feminist from Morocco, a modern day nomad and world citizen having lived in six different countries so far. Founder of the feminist youth-led movement and blog Politics4Her to break stereotypes, encourage women to grow more informed, and become active participants in civil society. A strong advocate for human rights particularly in topics related to migration and gender. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration. Passionate about digital communications, positive use of social media, youth & women empowerment.
I am a vegan, ukulele addict, yogi, ocean lover, surfer & skater, adventure seeker, dream chaser, rainbow lover, and my biggest dream would be to sit on a cloud and be able to eat at the same time.
IG: yasbens
Twitter: yasbenslimane

Track 1- Movement created by 3 Moroccan friends to stands against harassment and cyberbullying for girls in Morocco

Diha Frassek
French/Moroccan Arabic, OGBV

Track 2- Findings of a survey conducted on social media platforms in different countries of Africa.

Digital Safety/OGBV, French

Track 3- Podcast with Houda, one of the founders of Diha Frassek where she shares her experience in movement building and assisting OGBV victims.

Diha Frassek movement against harassment and cyberbullying in Morocco (French)
French, OGBV

Track 4- Summary of an action research report about technology based violence against women in Morocco

Violence faites aux femmes par les technologies au Maroc
Digital Safety, French

Track 5- Research Report Promoting State Responsibility for Technology-Facilitated Gender Based Violence against Women in Morocco Action

Virtual Violence, Real Harm
Digital Safety, English

Track 6- Video interview with a Moroccan former victim of OGBV

Le dilemme des Marocaines victimes de cyber-harcèlement
French, OGBV

Track 7- « Stop violence numérique » is campaign calling out technology based violence against women launched by Tahadi Association for Equality and Citizenship (ATEC) in Morocco.

« Stop violence numérique »
French, OGBV/Digital Safety/Care

Track 8- Article about women victims of cyberbullying who struggle to "break the taboo” and prefer to remain silence

Au Maroc, les femmes victimes de cyberharcèlement peinent à « briser le tabou »
Africa, Digital Safety, French

Track 9- Web série on Youtube about teenage girls experiencing OGBV

Web série "قانون بسمة"
Moroccan Arabic, OGBV/Digital Safety

Track 10- A research project that questions the contemporary challenges posed by digital technologies with regard to Africa and its diasporas by exploring the place of gender and race

Digital Safety/Feminist internet/Tech and Sexuality, French