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ka-BLOG! A 16-day blog fest on violence against women.

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How Can You Join the ka-BLOG?

  1. commit: commit yourself to 16 days of blogging about violence against women and technology.
  2. _email:_Email, with your blog address and name/handle/nick if you want to sign up as a Ka-BLOGger, if possible, before 25 November. f you don't have a blog yet, this will be a great place to start! Email us, and we'll send you links on how to start your own blog
  3. identify: make it known by putting a takebackthetech icon on your blog — create your own or grab a few icons from our Campaign Tools and Materials.
  4. post: post something about the how you think violence against women connects with information communications technology? have a story? heard something quirky? snap a picture? think this is serious? doesn't make much sense? anything at all! just commit one post a day from 25 nov to 10 dec on thinking about violence against women
  5. tag it: use "takebackthetech" to tag your posts;
  6. link back: send in your bloglinks and we'll rss your posts to the campaign website throughout the 16 days.
  7. expand: widen the campaign to your readers by linking your blog to the campaign site.

You can also capture it: print screen your blog and email it to us. we'll put it up on the campaign site in our Conversation Collage.

Don't Have a Blog Yet?

You can create free accounts with any of the online blogging services available:

TakeBacktheTech Technorati Tagging

Before posting your blog entry, cut and paste the following to the bottom of your entry:

<!-- technorati tags begin --><p style="font-size: 10px; text-align: right;">technorati tags: <a href="" rel="tag">takebackthetech</a></p><!-- technorati tags end -->


<!-- technorati tags begin --><p style="font-size: 10px; text-align:
right;">technorati tags: <a
href="" rel="tag
directory">takebackthetech</a> takebackthetech</a></p><!-- technorati
tags end -->

Why Tag?

Using a common tag (in this case "takebackthetech") will:
  • make it easier for us to aggregate all the participating blogs
  • make the campaign more visible on the WWW, specifically on blog search engines like Technorati

ka-BLOG Community on

For those of you:
  • who don't want to use your personal / professional blogs
  • who don't have any blogs of your own just yet

you can post your entries at the ka-BLOG! community over at

In order to post entries to this community, you will need to have a sheblogs account.

  1. Go to and follow the sign up instructions.
  2. After you've set up your sheblogs account (including verification of your email), go to the ka-BLOG! community space:
  3. Click on "Userinfo"
  4. At the top of the UserInfo? page, there are instructions on how you can join the community.

You're in. Now you're ready to post entries.

To post an entry at ka-BLOG on sheblogs:

  1. Log-in using your sheblogs account username and password.
  2. Look at the left navigation strip and click "Update". This will take you to a page where you can compose (or copy and paste) your entry.
  3. Remember, please copy and paste the "takebackthetech" technorati tag on each of your entries
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the "Post to" section. Select "ka-BLOG".
  5. Click "Update Journal"

If you have questions, or have trouble getting started with ka-BLOG! or sheblogs, send an email to


for the post to apper at technorati it should be rel="tag directory" and not only "tag" as they suggest on the page.. it is working now! correct tag for posting in technorati is

<a href="" rel="tag directory">takebackthetech</a>

and not

<a href="" rel="tag">takebackthetech</a>

as it is there on the link *Add this tag to your posts

is it possible to change there? please girls confirm this to me so that we can correct this post right?


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