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Our daily actions and campaign strategies come from ideas by campaigners and users who are taking up the tech.

We're looking for more! From simple ideas to elaborate plans.

Have thoughts? Share them here.

Just add your comments and help shape the campaign. Or send us an email: ideas AT takebackthetech DOT org.

Be creative, strategic and challenging. You can also be playful! This can help you think of actions that are engaging and interesting for people to take part in, and can also help you get more media attention for greater impact.

As a start, here are 3 questions that can help us to brainstorm together:
1) Interesting ICT tools you might have come across in the past year
2) Critical vaw issues that you think we should highlight, especially if it is linked to ICT
3) Ideas for action, which can be creative, strategic or random.



I think it would be interesting to have a petition signed by women who vow not to attend a movie that has violence of any kind against women in it. Quite frankly I love scary movies but I haven't seen one in years because they all make women 1- the victim, 2- the naked eyecandy for the male population, and or go overboard with violence (whatever happened to "leaving it to the mind"??). I'll volunteer to sign first!!

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