Girl's life in shambles due to a fake Facebook profile

01:09 Dec 5 2011 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

A 17 year old girl's picture was used to create a Facebook profile page without her knowledge. The photograph used for the profile picture was an intimate picture of her and her boyfriend. The person/s who created the account started making friends with people the young woman knew.
This person/s used the account to arrange for dates wit boys who lived in her neighborhood. One day she received a call from a boy whom she knew in school who asked her what time they were supposed to meet for date. The girl was taken aback because she had not made such an arrangement with the boy.
Prior to this, her family had stopped her from going to school because they suspected that she had been going out with someone. This added fuel to the gossip that was percolating in school regarding her absence in school. Her schoolmates had started a rumor that she had been found pregnant and had to stop school as a result of the shame.
Matters came to ahead where, she decided to confront the group of friends whom she suspected were responsible for her problems, but they continued to deny their involvement in the matter.
To date the profile page is still available online, derogatory comments are being posted on this page to the detriment of the girl. She is no confined to her home and is not allowed to work or further her education due to the overwhelming shame she has experienced. Her family did not lodge a police report because they wanted to keep matters under wraps.
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