Abusive video capturing VAW on Youtube

13:38 Dec 4 2011 Sungai Siput, Perak, Malaysia

A video depicting two women being abused by a group of men surfaced on Youtube. The YouTube clip also showed the man, believed to be in his 20s, repeatedly intimidating his victims using vulgarities in Tamil language at a public parking lot.

The assault appeared to be primarily aimed at one of the women, but her friend also received several slaps as she shielded her from the man throughout the six-minute-long video.

The man was believed to be accompanied by at least two accomplices. One of them apparently recorded the encounter while the other person was captured on the video, teasing the woman by putting his face near her neck. One of them was heard saying: “Get inside the car and I will check if she is a virgin.”

The video was posted under the username “youhavebeenhacked88”, who listed Malaysia as his country of origin. It did not have a history of posting other files on the video-sharing site.

A local political party, the Socialist Party of Malaysia had lodged a report demanding for an investigation of the matter, however the authorities have yet to taken any action.
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