Wife's calls records compromised by abusive husband

13:14 Dec 4 2011 Sungai Manggis, Banting, Selangor

P was in the process of leaving her abusive husband who refused to leave her. He constantly turned up at her work place and forced her to speak to him. Her numerous police reports against her husband did not prevent him from harassing her.

One day, she received an SMS from her husband stating he had a phone calls record and he had discovered her affair with her colleague at work. P was very disturbed by the SMS because she was certain that her husband did not know her present phone number. She called him up and asked him how he had obtained her number and her husband refused to tell her.

Eventually she found out that her husband had managed to bribe someone working at the mobile phone service provider which she used. Her had used her identity card number and name to find out the details of her account and managed to secure a print out of all the calls she had made and received.
He then proceeded to threaten all the people whose numbers were on the record. When P found this out, she wrote to the service provider and demanded that her number be changed and records be made private. This ended the harassment of the husband and she proceeded with the divorce and finally became free of him recently.
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