A woman (mexican artist) virtually lynched

13:00 Oct 14 2016 Mexico DF, Mexico

a campaign against a woman artist from México is rising to hate levels, thousands of times people was sharing a post in where the artist copied the 30% of another piece of art.

the fact here is that this scaled the polemic and it became a hate campaign against her, also the mass media entered to lynch publically this woman.

WE know about her work and she is very talented, if she copyed or not the other artist is not a reason to be brutalized and insulted that ways on the internet.
also people is menacing her, the most is that social media is laughing agains putting to her a hastag: #ladyPlagio, important newspapers are also provoking that people continues their misoginic campaign agains that girl....

The girl is now psicologically damage , please we need your support
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