Pakistan: cyber harassment is a serious problem

23:02 Apr 16 2016 Lahore, Pakistan

While Pakistan’s women may being seeing some success in their fight for empowerment offline, there is a crucial battle that has to be won online as well. The misogyny and hypocrisy of Pakistan’s men becomes more prominent when hiding behind a computer; cyber harassment is a serious problem in Pakistan.

Here, cyber harassment is meant to include a variety of online actions: cyber stalking, bullying, trolling, intimidation, blackmail, extortion, revenge porn, and the invasion of privacy. Side by side with “real-world” violence, there is technology-related violence against women (VAW) as well — and it’s now growing to epidemic proportions.

Cultural norms and the idea of “honor” may be a reason for victims not to seek help and report harassment. But on a more basic level, there is is simply a lack of awareness and education about cyber harassment. Victims generally do not know how to seek help and where they can report the issue. Hence it remains a highly under-reported offense.
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