UK: Social networks critized for not doing enough against gender violence

22:51 Apr 11 2016 London, UK

Facebook, Twitter, and Google are consulting with women’s groups around the world in a bid to organise a “fight back” against online harassment.

It is understood that the plans involve fostering a “counter-speech” movement, which would challenge misogyny, racism and threats of violence. This movement would be facilitated by the tech companies involved, but not led by them.

However, the move – first reported by the Guardian – has already been criticised by some groups who see it as technology companies abdicating responsibility for what occurs on their platforms.

Sarah Green, of the End Violence against Women Coalition, told the Guardian that although any changes by technology companies were welcome, it “can’t [be] the whole answer – we wouldn’t say that harassment and assault of women in the street should simply be dealt with by victims fighting back”.
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