UK: Police and tech firms should use their resources to stop trolling

17:42 Apr 15 2016 London, UK

Labour MP Stella Creasy, who was a victim of online abuse, considers that police and tech companies have to use their resources in order to stop trolling.

"Trolling is still not being taken seriously enough by police and technology companies who already have the tools to take action against internet abusers", the Labour MP Stella Creasy has said.

Creasy, who was targeted three years ago by one of the most high-profile Twitter trolls to be jailed, said the key to dealing with online abuse was challenging the underlying inequality, misogyny and prejudice that fuels the problem.

But she also raised concerns that the authorities and internet firms are still not treating online crimes in the same way as they would do offline or realising that trolling amounts to harassment.

The senior Tory MP Maria Miller earlier this week called for an overhaul of internet legislation to stop online abuse, warning that it may be creating a “nightmare” for society in future.
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