Kenya: Internet growth increases gender- based violence

13:42 Mar 9 2016 Nairobi, Kenya

The growth of the Internet is fueling rising incidences of violence against women on the cyber-space, resulting in loss of lives, physical violence and suicide, government officials and executives of regional bodies said Tuesday amid celebrations to mark the International Women's Day.

Cabinet Secretary for Information and Technology (ICT) Joe Mucheru said on Tuesday the growth of the internet has had serious implications for the society, including its negative impact on increasing the violence against women and girls on the cyber-space.

"We recognize the problem, understand the challenge and are doing something about it," Mucheru told women who gathered for celebrations to mark the International Women's Day in Nairobi, convened by the African Development Bank (AfDB) to launch a campaign against cyber-space gender violence.

Kenyan authorities and the AfDB officials agreed to work together to combat gender-based violence, linked to the increased use of the internet, mobile telephones and social media platforms.
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