Man pleads guilty in revenge porn case

19:15 Dec 4 2015 Florida, USA

A man who admitted to hacking into dozens of women's online accounts and then using their photographs to create pornography has pleaded guilty.

31-year-old Michael Rubens was charged with cyberstalking, unauthorized access to a protected computer, and aggravated identity theft. Rubens engaged in most of the conduct from his residence in Tallahassee.

Investigator said they found the pornographic pictures that Rubens created on social media websites and on a revenge pornography website that was recently shut down by the FBI.

Court records show that Rubens’ victims included an employee of a local restaurant he frequented, an out-of-town colleague, an acquaintance in his office building, clients of the defendant’s employer, a former girlfriend and her colleagues, high school classmates, and the victims’ relatives or friends.
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