Kenya: cyber violence against women is a new phenomenon in the country

19:04 Dec 11 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

Gabriel Negatu, the Regional Director of the East Africa Resource Centre, reiterated that violence against women and girls was one of the most rampant human rights violations. He noted the importance of participating in a campaign addressing emerging issues around technology-based violence against women. 'This conversation on gender-based cyber violence should happen throughout the year and should not be confined only to the 16 days of activism,' he said.

In the recent past, Kenya has witnessed gender based attacks on the cyber space platform, including social media. Some of it has resulted in death, health challenges and court cases. Women across the board have been affected, ranging from senior government officials, politicians, media and entertainment personalities, and students, among others.

Salina Sanou, head of Policy and Advocacy at the Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD), has observed that gender-based cyber violence was a new phenomenon in Kenya, and a better understanding of it was needed. The organisation is running sensitisation campaigns on the issue at the grass roots level. The campaign seeks to create awareness on how individuals should conduct themselves online in order to protect themselves from predators.
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