13:10 Nov 2 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

Carol a 27 years old woman is bitter after she unveiled her husband escapades. She found out that her husband was in one of online dating platforms and he was using her identity to find love. Carol didn’t know that her husband was a homosexual (he is both straight and homosexual).
The husband used her nude photos and her face on his account. He would lure unsuspecting men to meet him in town and any man that agrees to sleep with him would be paid handsomely.
One of Carol high school mate was on the online dating platform and he was surprised to see Carol was also there. He tried courting Carol who was known to be a hardcore and to his surprise she agreed to meet him. Bernard was over the moon, finally Carol would date him. He was shocked to meet his fellow man who explained that he was using his wife’s identity as a cover-up.
Bernard went ahead and looked for Carol’s number. She didn’t believe him as she was in denial only for the husband to confess who he is and what he has been doing. The husband signed off the dating account on their presence, he was very apologetic as for Carol she is going through counselling. She is very hurt and the thought that somebody else could have downloaded and saved her nude pictures scares her. She is still in her marriage.
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