23:59 Oct 23 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

On 8th of this month my facebook account was hacked by unknown people. I was notified by friend who asked me why I was posting nude pictures on my timeline. To my surprise, when I logged-in there were more than 20 posts of nudity and pornographic materials posted on my timeline in less than 24 hours.

It didn’t stop there; my inbox was full of vulgar messages from facebook accounts that could not open when I clicked the link.

I should add that I have also experienced this through my Gmail account. In Gmail, there is always a new message and out of curiosity you open the message, there is a link provided for you to read further. Sometimes the message reads ‘How to reduce your tummy’. When you click the link you are introduced to dating sites or pornographic sites.

I felt violated, but one mistake I made the cyber I had used last time I did not log out. Anyone reading this watch out, every time you use cyber café to access internet make sure you log-out before you pay. I deleted the posts and changed the password both for my face book and gmail. I also had to post apologies for my friends.
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