Myammar: cybersex offender could face jail penalties

17:54 Aug 9 2015 Myanmar (Burma)

Cyber sex-pests and abusers could go to prison, the police said on August 8. Police Captain Thi Thi Myint told The Myanmar Times that anyone using electronic transaction technology to disturb, threaten or defame in a sexual manner could face penalties of three to five years’ jail and a fine.

This could include the use of Facebook and other social media, as well as the internet and the telephone. Yangon regional police were prepared to take action if they received a complaint, said Pol Capt Thi Thi Myint.

“Information technology brings disadvantages as well as advantages, and sexual violence against women through the use of technology is increasing. If the victim can provide evidence of abuse, we will act on it,” he said. Evidence would include abusive phone and text messages, he added.
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