Do mobile phones put women in danger?

18:32 Jul 9 2015 Sydney NSW, Australia

Australian social workers are seeing a dramatic uptick in the use of technology against women who have fled domestic violence. "There is much more technology being used when men stalk women," says Virginia Geddes, program manager at the Domestic Violence Resource Center Victoria, "and that's reflected in the surveys we do." According to a February 2015 survey conducted by the DVRCV, 98 percent of domestic violence sector workers report having clients who have experienced technology-facilitated abuse, and 74 percent report the use of GPS technology in smartphone apps to stalk their clients. That's increased from 29 percent in 2013.

For some of the most vulnerable members of society the consequences of mobile connectivity can be dire. Another report, the DVRCV's Submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, states: "technology provides perpetrators with easy, accessible, instantaneous, and potentially more public methods to control, monitor, and shame women."

It details that technology can make it more difficult to separate from an abusive partner because texting and GPS tracking mean a perpetrator can, "create a sense of omnipresence in his ex‐partner's life, making her feel that she can never truly escape him."
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