Journalist denounces doxing could be easier than ever

18:16 Jul 2 2015 United States

Could Make Doxing Easier Than Ever

Doxing has become an all too familiar in the lives of internet-using women. The public posting of our home addresses is a particularly brutal way that our lives can be policed and upended by determined harassers–to say nothing of how it has been used by stalkers and domestic abusers to find their targets. I myself have been the target of doxing because of my editorial writing.

One would think that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is charged with setting various protocols and standards for the entire internet, would not wish to be complicit in this ongoing disaster. Instead, ICANN is now seriously considering a proposal that could make doxing easier than ever, and act as yet another barrier to equal economic and political opportunity for marginalised groups. ICANN is considering the adoption of unprecedented limits on which kinds of domain registrants can use proxy or privacy services, potentially exposing millions of peoples’ home addresses to the entire internet.
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