New laws against domestic violence and revenge porn

18:58 Mar 31 2015 Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, UK

SPECIFIC offences of “revenge porn” and domestic abuse are being considered by ministers in an effort to tackle violence against women. The proposals were unveiled yesterday by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who addressed a conference held by Scottish Women’s Aid in Edinburgh.

In her address, the First Minister said the government would consult on whether a specific offence of domestic abuse was required and if legislation to tackle the problem of so-called “revenge porn” – the posting online, usually by former partners, of private, intimate images without consent – was needed to provide further protection.

Sturgeon said: “Violence against women is both a symptom and a cause of wider gender inequality across our society. And so ending violence against women has to be part of a broader strategy – we also need to achieve true gender equality in society as a whole.
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