Revenge porn to punish women

18:20 May 20 2015 London, UK

A recent study showed that one in ten ex partners have threatened to expose risqué photos of their ex online, and 60 per cent followed through with the threat. Revenge porn is undoubtedly becoming a new genre of porn. Professor Mary Anne Franks, law professor at the University of Miami School of Law and Vice President of Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, believes “men use revenge porn as a way to punish women for behaving in ways that they do not approve of – for leaving them, for rejecting them, for being happy without them.” With women constituting 90 per cent of revenge porn victims, Franks asserts that it's not surprising that the response to the conduct is often to blame the victim. "Just as with sexual assault, women are expected to "take responsibility" for their lawful personal choices instead of men taking responsibility for their vicious and inexcusable actions."
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