India: tech-driven violence

23:17 Mar 4 2015 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Last week, the Supreme Court, ordered a CBI probe into the videos circulating on social media that show two women being gang-raped. Sunitha Krishnan, an activist and herself a victim of gang-rape at the age of 15, had uploaded the videos on YouTube, hoping to hunt the rapists down. Blurring the victims’ faces, Krishnan urged viewers to help identify the rapists in what she called #ShameTheRapistCampaign. The rape videos were circulating on the WhatsApp messaging service. Notwithstanding the clearly identifiable and visible faces of the rapists smiling at the camera, the police are yet to make any arrests.

Prajwala, the NGO run by Krishnan, drew the attention of the court to the videos — one of which — nearly five minutes long — shows a man raping a woman, while another man films the assault. The second video — spanning over eight minutes — shows the five rapists laughing and cracking jokes while assaulting the woman.
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