online, email, in person, harassment experiences

22:55 Nov 30 2014 New York, NY, USA

From 2002 onwards, network infiltration so as to eavesdrop, threatening emails, anonymous pop-ups asking can they monitor with a yes or no gray button, weird calls asking for personal information that is none of their business, false accusations, ensnarements, at work and in person, work place harassment and embarrassment, online harassment, email harassment, text harassment, loss of peace of mind, loss of income, limitations of social-economic opportunity, some is racially motivated, most are gender based threats and intimidation used to deprive of opportunity. Caused business loss, loss of support network, retaliatory evil envy towards female advancement seems to be behind it, as this threatens all male establishment and systems of control. Staying off yahoo since late last year helped, avoid all other social networks on purpose too.
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