Feminism helps girl to overcome revenge porn

11:56 Feb 2 2015 New York, NY, USA

"Feminism played a very large part in me gaining some ground in the time following the initial release of the non-consensual pictures," told survivor to Mic online publication. "A lot of this shame is strongly internalized, and I found it extremely helpful to understand that my body had become part of a system, and that the way I was being treated had a name: misogyny. This made it much easier for me to cope, since I came to understand that this issue wasn't personal, but systemic."

This young woman recalls aht she became " one of the thousands, hundreds of thousands, of girls thrown into the porn industry against their will." Further exacerbating her humiliation were the countless messages from strange men that flooded her inbox.

"These messages were from men all over the world," she says. "They knew it was against my will, that I didn't want to be on those sites ... The absence of consent was erotic; they relished my suffering."

After struggling with feelings of degradation and shame, she decided to turn the tables on her harassers and reclaim her body as "a sexual subject instead of an object."
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