Social media 'kills' Tanzanian actress Sabby Angel

01:38 Feb 11 2015 Tanzania

Family members, friends and hundreds of Sabby Angel’s fans were thrown into temporary mourning after rumours emerged that the sassy actress had passed on. “With sad news, I inform you of the passing of Sabby Angel, a mother, daughter, sister and friend who suffered a heart attack. Angel gone! A heart of gold lost,” her Instagram page read.

Apparently, someone had hacked the page to publish the hate message. “No one is more surprised than I am. If indeed I am dead, then my after life is quite identical to my real life. Anyway, I would love to face the person claiming I am dead just so I could show them how a dead fist would feel on them,” she joked. She even went ahead to post a sexy photo of herself with the inscription: “The look on my face when I got the news of my death.”
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