Facebook Stalking to a whole other level.

09:30 Oct 22 2014 San Francisco, CA, USA

It has been almost 4 years of sexual harassment, stalking, threatening, and pure manipulation from a person on Facebook I met in May of 2011. This person added me on Facebook and began messaging me. At first, I thought nothing of it and went along with the messages. Eventually, months passed and I began to form a relationship with this person. Although we talked literally 24/7, each and every time I asked to Skype or video chat the person wouldn't do so. As a year went by, we considered ourselves together and I felt comfortable enough to send inappropriate pictures (which I thought nothing of at the time) and those pictures are saved with that person and are being used against me. The person threatens to send them to my family, and post them all over the internet. A year after I met this person I found out they weren't who they said they were. I continued to talk to the person because of the idiot I am. And when I attempted to leave is when the threats started to occur. I have not been able to get rid of this person. Each time I deleted my facebook or instagram they found a way to contact me again. I have gone to the police to file a report and they said they couldn't do anything about it because, well, this person isn't from America, they claim to be from Beirut, Lebanon. This entire incident has taken a toll on my life, mentally and emotionally. I have absolutely no energy for this harassment anymore and I am desperate for some help.
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