Ex-boyfriend posts pictures on websites

12:43 Oct 22 2014 Fort Worth, TX, USA

I am a victim of revenge porn. My ex-boyfriend owns, operates & stars in SEVERAL adult websites. When I first found out about it, I was told there was no law against it so there was no crime; my best bet would be to "stay in his good graces and maybe he'll cut you some of the profits". I DON'T WANT HIS MONEY!!!! I want my life back!!!!! What's worse is there are HUNDREDS of women on his sites combined WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE IS DOING; I didn't until a male friend contacted me & told me what was going on.

I don't want to be anonymous I WANT TO BE HEARD & I WANT TO HELP!!! My ex also used; when I called them, they said that they were not liable in any way nor did they have the power to control what was being posted EVEN IF IT WAS POSTED ILLEGALLY!!!

I made a report with Ft. Worth police department & a detective has been assigned to the case; pray that the see things in my favor & order him to not only remove the images but also shut down the site & destroy/delete/return any images he has.
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