Toronto Woman stalked online

12:43 Oct 21 2014 Toronto, ON, Canada

Michael Sopinka stalked two women online, threatening to rape one and scaring the other into sending him a photo of her breasts.

He pleaded guilty in a Toronto courtroom Tuesday, but will serve no jail time because of his mental health challenges.

Sopinka, 30, of Stoney Creek, plead guilty to two counts of criminal harassment and one count of threatening death.

Michael Sopinka began sending “disturbing” messages to Bruno online through Facebook, Twitter and her blog under the name “Marty.”

On Facebook, he sent a message to one of Bruno’s friends, who was pregnant at the time, that said, “After I’m done with Vanessa I’m going to slit your baby’s throat.”

The messages, described as “vulgar, discriminating and disturbing,” continued between August and November of that year.

One message was sent from a profile set up in the name of her brother, who had recently committed suicide, with a profile picture that depicted the method her brother had used to end his life. The message said: “Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch your brother wouldn’t have killed himself.”

The messages suggested he was stalking her and went into detail “hiring Russian guys to rape her,” according to the statement of facts.

In December 2013, Toronto police arrested Sopinka.
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