Author Stalks Anonymous Blogger Who Gave Her Bad review

11:58 Oct 21 2014 Wisconsin, USA

Author wanted to talk to Blythe (blogger), to figure out why the book had made her so angry, but Blythe didn't seem interested. In a last-ditch effort to get Blythe to speak with her, Hale requested the reviewer conduct a pre-book release interview and was able to get her home address to send her "giveaways." Once Hale had Blythe's location, she looked up the house on Google Maps. She reviewed census data and telephone directories and discovered that nobody named Blythe Harris had ever lived there. The author says that her next step was to pay for an online background check on the name of the woman who lived at the address belonging to "Blythe." That bit of sleuthing revealed that Blythe's real name was actually something else entirely (Hale (author) refers to her as "Judy"); that she was 46, not 27; and that she wasn't a married mother of two. Hale then rented a car, drove to Judy's house and knocked on the door before freaking out and dropping a book on the front step. Even though Hale calls that moment her "personal rock bottom," she continued to stalk Blythe/Judy, calling her at work and pretending to be a fact checker, demanding an explanation for who "Blythe" the book blogger was and why she was pretending to live at Judy's house
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