Mass shooting threats against Anita Sarkeesian cause cancellation of conference in Utah

18:35 Oct 14 2014 Utah, USA

Video game critic, feminist and blogger Anita Sarkeesian canceled a Wednesday speech at Utah State University after the college received an email threatening violence if she lectured, school officials said.

Sarkeesian is a pop culture critic whose series of videos under the Feminist Frequency banner analyze sexism in mainstream video games. Her series has drawn death threats in the past.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the email to the university threatened "the deadliest school shooting in American history" if Sarkeesian were allowed to speak on campus.

Sarkeesian said on Twitter: "Multiple specific threats made stating intent to kill me & feminists at USU."

The university is working with local and federal law enforcement agencies investigating the threat, according to a statement on the college's website.
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