Posting on Facebook sparked a stalker's obsession

01:28 Oct 2 2014 South Africa

It was the type of "come one, come all" social invitation that many busy young professionals send or receive several times a week.

But Hannah Rhind's decision to post onto Facebook details of a wine tasting event at Harrods was a friendly gesture that altered her life for ever.

The young public relations executive's innocuous move sparked in a man she barely knew a dangerous obsession - so overwhelming that he was able to brush aside English law, then pursue his terrified quarry to South Africa where he tried to hire a township hitman to kill her father and threw Molotov cocktails at her family home.

Campaigners see Miss Rhind's ordeal at the hands of Shumsheer Ghumman, a former City fund manager, as a stark illustration of the kind of problem that the government hopes to overcome with the introduction of new anti-stalking laws, revealed by David Cameron last week.

In her case it was brought to an end only when a court in Cape Town found Ghumman guilty of attempted murder of her father, Philip Rhind.
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