Women journalists denounce harassment at work

17:36 Aug 11 2014 New York, NY, USA

Women journalists in US online publication Gawker Media, Jezebel, have denounced harassment by unknown people posting gifs of violent pornography in the discussion section of stories on Jezebel. The images arrive in a barrage, and the only way to get rid of them from the website is if a staffer individually dismisses the comments and manually bans the commenter. But because IP addresses aren't recorded on burner accounts, literally nothing is stopping this individual or individuals from immediately signing up for another, and posting another wave of violent images

This practice is profoundly upsetting staff, who are the only ones capable of removing the comments and are thus, by default, now required to view and interact with violent pornography and gore as part of their jobs. Gawker's leadership has not addressed the problem yet.
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