Woman sues Facebook over revenge porn

18:27 Aug 20 2014 Houston, TX, USA

When M. A. searched her name on Facebook in December 2013, what she saw disturbed her: See found lewd picture, her face on someone else's nude body.

"I've heard of this happening to people but I never thought it would happen to me," she said.

One picture showed the person performing a sex act. She says someone set up an imposter site, leaving settings on "public" for the world to see. Only two weeks ago did she tell her mother and father.

The survivor said, "It's just so hard, because you don't want your parents to go through that either."

The woman is Muslim. Her faith, she says, values integrity and reputation. She asked us to hide her face, but she wants to expose what she says is negligence on the part of Facebook.

She says she asked the social media giant repeatedly over the course of the next four and a half months to take down the photos. They only did she says after she got police involved. They sent Facebook a subpoena while investigating.

Ali wants to know, "Why did this happen? Why didn't they take it down in a timely manner?"

Her attorney tells us the IP address came back to the home of a man she met at a conference five years ago. She says they had only a casual relationship.

The woman is suing that man and Facebook. She says she's been so humiliated that Facebook should pay her 10 cents for every user they have. That totals $123 million.
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