Video recordings of gang rape on rise in India

12:53 Aug 14 2014 New Delhi, Delhi, India

For six days, the frail 16-year-old high school student did not tell anyone about how she was raped last month by two men in an abandoned home far from her neighborhood in New Delhi.

“I was afraid. While I was being raped, another man pointed a gun and recorded me with his cellphone camera,” the teenager recalled, sitting crouched in her New Delhi home and running her finger over a tiny tattoo on her hand. “He said he will upload the film on the Net if I tell my family or the police.”

In the days after the rape, she grew very quiet, refused food and kept sleeping, worrying her family. Finally, after six days, her aunt pried the truth out of her. The family took her to the hospital, where the sexual assault was confirmed. The family filed a police complaint.

Women’s welfare officials say that intimidating victims with video recordings is on the rise in gang rapes in India. These recordings complicate the government’s efforts to encourage women to report the crimes and hinder police efforts to halt the explosion of “obscene” online content targeting women.
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