Woman nearly murdered after Instagram threat

13:08 Aug 14 2014 Las Vega Monorail, Paradise, NV 89109, USA

MMA fighter War Machine (aka Jonathan Koppenhaver) posted a meme on Instagram that says "These hoes think I'm playing" over an image of OJ Simpson infamously trying on the glove found at the murder scene of his ex-wife. Koppenhaver wrote: "Word. #WILLKILL." Two weeks later he attacked his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack (and another person), but Mack managed to get away before he killed her. She was left with multiple broken bones around her eye, a broken nose, missing and broken teeth, fractured ribs, a ruptured liver, injured leg, and lesions from a knife. Koppenhaver is on the run but continues to tweet. In his tweets, he blames Mack for the attack. Mack, however, has shared her photos and story, including previous domestic violence from Koppenhaver, with the media even as she is recovering.
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