89% domestic violence victims report intimidation and threats via ICT

18:44 Jul 28 2014 United States

89% of domestic violence victims report intimidation and threats via ICTs, confirms US National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)

NNEDV considers that For a woman escaping a domestic abuser, leaving a digital trail can compromise her safety and lead the perpetrator to her door. But in the age of smartphones and social media, going "offline" is not only impossible, it also further isolates survivors from the support of friends and loved ones.

Often, victims are told that if they don't want to be harassed by their abusive exes, they should just quit using technology. Fortunately, tech-savvy advocates and law enforcement officers are coming together to devise ways to protect survivors while helping them continue to harness the power of technology to maintain their privacy.

"Abusers stalk victims where we live our lives – and, in this digital age, much of our lives are intertwined with technology," said Cindy Southworth, founder of NNEDV's Safety Net project and Vice President of Development & Innovation. "Domestic violence survivors deserve to be safe in their homes, safe at their offices, and safe online".

Tech companies will join NNEDV to increase online safety for VAW survivors.
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