Sexual assault of teenage girl gets viral in the US

19:11 Jul 10 2014 Houston, TX, USA

A 16 year old girl was drugged and raped at a party of a fellow high school student in Houston, her assault went viral–a phrase I hope to never have occasion to write ever again. She had no idea what happened to her that night until she started seeing images and videos being passed around on social media and got texts from friends asking if she was ok. Then–with almost unimaginable callousness–her peers started mocking her assault by posting images of themselves lying on the floor in the same pose as her unconscious body via Twitter.

The teenager decided to speak out to a local news outlet, saying she’s angry and hopes the police–who are currently investigating–make an arrest soon. A journalist writes in an online publication that she has much respect for girl’s brave decision to tell her story and demand justice.
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