Yahoo and Twitter sued by revenge porn victim

14:47 Mar 7 2014 Beaumont, TX, USA

After suing a "revenge porn" site in a class action, a Texas woman is going after Yahoo and Google in Federal Court, for allegedly linking to sexually explicit images of her.
Hollie Toups, sued the search engine operators Thursday in Beaumont, Texas, Federal Court. She also sued the website
In January 2013, Toups and 15 other women sued and web host, among others, in Orange County (Texas) Court. The women alleged their intimate photos and private facts were published on without authorization and that the site is "significantly designed to cause severe embarrassment, humiliation, and emotional distress to all of the women plaintiffs." The class claimed served no useful, social or economic purpose - that it was "merely a blight upon society and a sick, cowardly enterprise."
Orange County Court Judge Buddie Hanh blocked the relaunching of the site three months later, issuing a temporary injunction.
In the new laws suit, Toups claims Yahoo and Google continue to host and/or link to photographs to which she holds copyrights.
"Toups has provided proper notice to each of these defendants, requesting that they take down all links that would show these copyrighted photos, and all images showing these copyrighted images," the complaint states. "All of the defendants refuse to do so, despite receiving proper notice and a demand to do so."
Yahoo and Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment Thursday evening.
Toups seeks damages for breach of copyright and a permanent injunction that stops the hosting and linking of the images.
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