York student victim of revenge porn

13:57 Jan 21 2014 York, UK

A York student has fallen victim to revenge porn.

‘Alex’, a pseudonym given by the student, told Nouse that following their breakup her boyfriend posted 21 naked photos of her on Facebook. “Because I was tagged in all the photos they appeared everywhere, over my wall and all my friends’ news feeds. I felt useless but tried to keep my head up and make a joke out of the situation, I think my sense of humour has saved me really.

Alex was able to act quickly and remove all the tags and report the photos which were taken down later that same day. At this point Alex described how she “thought it was over”. However the photos were then uploaded to the revenge porn website

The site, whose motto reads “get revenge”, features hundreds of intimate pictures and videos of both men and women. When uploading a photo the user is encouraged to include spiteful and damming comments. The pictures were also posted to five other websites, including porn websites. Moving from site to site the pictures amassed 30,000 views in just two days.
Alex also described how she received threats.

Throughout her experience Alex described the overall support she received as “useless”. She explained how she was fobbed off by people who told her to “get on with it…there was no real advice on how to take down the images or stop people from stalking me.”

Alex also deemed North Yorkshire Police inadequate in their handling of the case. Feeling that the advice and support she had received was poor, Alex cancelled her sexual harassment claim, fearing her ex’s reaction.
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