An ex-husband's wrath

01:06 Nov 30 2011 Jones Road, Pulau Tikus, Pulau Pinang

This is a case recorded by Women's Centre for Change (WCC) Penang, Malaysia. This organization works on a variety of issues involving ending VAW in the country. They received a case which involved a young woman who kept receiving lewd phone calls from unidentified men seeking sexual favours. At first, she ignored the calls, however as time went on the harassment kept getting worse.

One day, she decided to ask one of the anonymous callers how he had obtained her number. He explained to her that her number was available on an online dating portal - TAGGED where her number and details of her sexual services where advertised.
She was really shocked to discover her personal photographs displayed in the site. She was advised by WCC to write to the administrator of TAGGED to remove the account from the site. She enlisted her sister's help in sending a complaint letter to the TAGGED site because the sister already had a TAGGED account.

She also wrote to CyberSecurity Malaysia an agency that provides ICT security specialist services and continuously monitors the internet in order to highlight the issues affecting users. Unfortunately, CyberSecurity was unable assist the woman because they claimed it was not under their purview. However, she kept up the pressure on TAGGED to disable the bogus account which was only done after two months of making the complaint.

She believed that her ex-husband was responsible for the act because the pictures which had been compromised were photographs which were in the possession of her ex-husband. She realized in retrospect that her ex-husband had compromised her identity and personal information online to exact revenge against her.
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