Women journalists harassed after writing on controversial matters

19:34 Jan 19 2014 New York, NY, USA

Two women journalists have been harassed and Photoshop hacked in the US after writing articles on controversial issues.

Amy Wallace, journalist in Wired magazine, denounced this aggression in an opinion column in the New York Times. She said that the Photoshopped image was sent over email after she wrote an article about the anti-vaccine movement and its leader. Other insults followed.

The other journalist, Amy Hamon, was attacked by another Photoshop hack job when she wrote an article in the New York Times criticising a proposed ban on genetically modified organisms on Hawaii Island.

Considering these incidents, Ms Wallace writes: "This kind of vitriol is not designed to hold reporters accountable for the fairness and accuracy of their work. Instead, it seeks to intimidate and, ultimately, to silence female journalists who write about controversial topics. As often as not, even if they’ve won two Pulitzers, as Ms. Harmon has, these women find their bodies — not their intellects — under attack".
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