Junior scientist attacked on Twitter by senior editor

19:10 Jan 27 2014 San Francisco, CA, USA

Last week on Twitter, Henry Gee, the senior editor of biological sciences at Nature, outed a widely-read, oft-shared, and sometimes controversial anonymous blogger, Dr. Isis. He took great glee in doing so because he didn't like some of her blog posts in which she called out some outrageous and sexist editorial decisions he had made as well as her distaste for Nature’s bleak record regarding women in the sciences.

The reaction in the scientific community online has been one of outrage that a senior, white, male took it upon himself to out a junior woman of color, and did so in such a publicly vindictive way, describing her as "inconsequential" and threatening on Twitter to "add (others) to the list" for daring to call him out for his boarish (at best) behavior

On January 24, Nature's board released a statement declaring that what had happened was against Nature's principles and codes of editorial practice and that they were please to inform that the editor involved in this case had apologised to Dr. Isis for the language used and for the fact that her identity was revealed.

Full statement:
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