Science reporter gets aggressive e mails

11:56 Nov 30 2013 Chicago, IL, USA

Emily Graslie runs video blogs on the web on science. She's a museum scientists and right now she's at the Field Museum in Chicago, where she wanders from department to department, exploring, delighting, asking questions through one of the great natural history museums in the world.

Some days ago, Emily uploaded a post, a meditation on the troubling mail she sometimes gets.

Many of the folks who write her, write not about the science, but about her body, her looks, her clothes, and do so without any apparent embarrassment. She's a science reporter who happens to be a young woman, and her woman-ness is the thing they focus on. The science, to her chagrin, often takes second place.

In her new video, Emily (with help from director and video editor Michael Aranda) gives us samples from her mailbox, She's not mad, not exactly. Instead, she just explains why these matter-of-fact little letter bombs make it harder for her to work, and how they hurt — every single day. And, being Emily, she explains it very well.

To watch the video:
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