Bill to make revenge porn illegal in Brazil

15:41 Nov 22 2013 Brasília - Federal District, Brazil

A suicide case caused by revenge porn has sparked outrage in Brazil, where revenge porn appears to be on the rise. Now, many Brazilians are hoping the attention brought on by Rebecca’s death will pressure their government to pass a bill outlawing revenge porn. A bill introduced to Brazil’s parliament in October would make it illegal to disclose any material containing nude scenes and sex without the victim’s permission. People who break the law would face up to three years in prison or receive a fine.

The bill has overwhelming support from the citizens of Brazil. An online survey shows that 90 percent of those polled would vote in favor of it. (Women supported the bill by a 98 percent margin, while 85 percent of men agreed.)

Of course, revenge porn isn’t a problem exclusive to Brazil. This year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed revenge porn legislation into law, making it illegal to post sexually graphic photos or videos of someone without their consent.
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